Thursday, 31 May 2012

Manic Monday or Week to be Precise

What a week I have had!  Honestly, I have been hopping about all over the place and this week has just disappeared yet again.  I would love to borrow Dr Who's tardis now and again to add some extra time dimensions to my life!  Well at least I have been busy in a nice way.

Last Friday my sister whisked me off to Chester to spend the night there in a hotel right in the City Centre.   It was a birthday treat  (yes I know, this birthday has been going on and on).  But we don't get to see each other often, we live miles apart and we both have families, so it was lovely to catch up with each other.  We had a lovely meal in an Italian restaurant and then we had a few drinks in a pub, and then ...... we went DANCING UNTIL 3am.  We found a place where the people were of our own age group and they played 70's and 80's music and we danced our socks off! It was the best night I have had for such a long time.  In fact, we have not been out dancing like that since before we both had children.  It was fab!  But I paid for it the next morning with my creaky joints.

Then at the beginning of last week, a good friend of mine asked if I would make a dress for her 10 year old daughter.  She was having a Jubilee party at school this week (today in fact) and she needed a 60's style dress, as they were all dressing up in clothes from different eras of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.  Of course I couldn't resist the challenge and I really enjoyed doing this and working to a very particular brief,  but it just totally zapped my time - completely!  They didn't want flowery material or a colour block design.  Geometric would be OK.  It had to be a shift dress, with no sleeves and it had to be straight at the sides, no swinging out.  It had to be short (nearly a mini) and it had to have pockets at the front at the top, not the bottom.  Phew....

I can do pattern drafting, but I have only ever done that for adult sizes, never for children.  This was new territory for me.  Anything I had ever made for DD and DS in the past had always been from a shop bought pattern.  Anyway, I went out and chose some material (the material is Sugar Hill by Tanya Whelan) and lining with mum.  Then I drew up a pattern and got to work with the measurements I had taken.  I was so nervous about the first time she saw it and the fitting.  But when she saw it and her face lit up, it really did make my day!  I did have to take it in slightly on both sides - which involved unpicking and re-sewing the sides and hem but there was no further adjustments after that.  And it looked beautiful on her!  I also made a lovely thick headband to go with it.  And mum bought her some pink tights and large white round sunglasses.  I can't wait to see the photograph that mum promised to show me, of how she looked this morning!

And after all the complaining I had done about how awful the weather had been recently, I spent three whole days of this lovely glorious recently hot sunny week of weather inside sewing!  But that's life isn't it!

This weekend I intend to relax with my family and get on with my crochet granny squares (which have been very neglected).

Hopefully we will be able to enjoy the garden that DH has been working so very hard on .......

and join in with the Jubilee celebrations that will be going on.  

And if you are planning to have jubilations yourself this weekend I hope you have a lovely time.

Have fun until next time!

Daisy X


  1. Hi Daisy,
    I just wanted to say thank you for your comment it means a lot and is good to know I am not alone.I have really enjoyed reading your blog and you sound really sunny and positive.I love Harrogate,particularly Betty's which I think is better than York.
    I am feeling better and must move on a to better things.
    Take care.
    Anne x

  2. Hi Daisy
    Hope you are enjoying the Jubilee Weekend. Could we possibly have had any more rain?
    Hope your bunting served you well. But it wouldn't be a bank holiday without the rain! Perhaps the next one will serve us better.

    1. Yes, the weather has been very grim. I'm thinking of selling the house and building an ark. Have you seen the film Waterworld maybe we really are heading for an apocalypse. Must find the snorkel ha ha!

      Daisy X