Friday, 8 June 2012

Under Pressure - For Blog Titles

Not much work done this week due to the school holidays and jubilee celebrations

and the weather, well i'm not even going there or anywhere in fact!  Poor DS is at the Download Festival in Donnington Park this weekend.  I'm not looking forward to his muddy washing!

No, instead I thought I would take this opportunity to explain my blog titles, as I am sure that by now, if you have been kind enough to follow my blog, you will perhaps have noticed my continual use of song titles.  I will try to explain myself, as some of you may, by now, be finding this quite tedious and irritating, but I hope that you will bear with me and that you will understand my explanation.

I have given myself a challenge.  Yes indeed!  It is a therapy of sorts.  I have to keep this song title thing up for one whole year and then I will not be Under Pressure (you see, there we go, I had one title lined up for this post and I have just had to change it as this song title is now in my head!).

This has come about because of my life-long association with music and the sudden urge to associate a song with a situation.  Now I know at this point, you may be assuming that I am copying Miranda Hart who seems to suffer from the same affliction of suddenly bursting into song and dance at the mention of a word.  I absolutely love watching Miranda, because she is so funny, but I can absolutely promise you, with hand on heart, and 100% that I have had this song association problem for most of my life .  My mother has done exactly the same thing for as far back as I can remember (about 42 years).  Just the mention of a word can bring out favourites like Elvis, Bill Hayley, Abba and a particular favourite in the 80s Shaking Stevens,  'This Old House'.  So if somebody said 'house' off mum would go singing and dancing around the kitchen (she still does it now).

My own daughter (DD) has put up with me singing 'I Don't Like Monday's', 'I Don't Like Bread and Butter', and Dancing Queen etc first thing in the morning (and she's not always such a happy bunny in the morning).  She finds my so called 'bum wiggle' dance that accompanies so much of my singing, particularly distressing.  But guess what?  The other day I said something to DD in the kitchen and she burst into song (see it is in the genes!).  So the only way to overcome this habit of mine may be to have total saturation of song titles, until I can no longer think of any more by regularly having to produce them as blog titles for a whole year.  They may not always be songs that I like, but as long as they fit the theme that's fine and I will only use them in the title (trying not to upset the copyright police here).

If anybody else out there suffers from this same condition, I would love to hear from you.  Perhaps you would like to take up the challenge too (but it is for one whole year, its going to be tough).  It may be quite comforting when 'you are not alone' Oops, sorry couldn't resist that one.

Until next time X


  1. Ha Ha I love it! I was just discussing this very thing with my sister. Our family does this too, and we often think others might find us kind of weird. Our conversations often consist of bursting out in song or movie quotes. My kids always remarked that none of their friends ever do such a thing. Just yesterday my daughter and I were discussing our weight(ugh), and I started singing a song from the movie Winnie the Pooh and the Honey tree ......"short, fat, and proud of that...." Well anyway, still haven't decided if all this singing is a mental condition or a talent. Glad to hear others share in the silliness!! (The blog title idea is great by the way)
    p.s. now Dancing Queen is stuck in my head :)

    1. It is very comforting to find 'others' out there ha ha. Yes maybe it could indicate a rare form of madness, but I like to think it shows the sense of fun in our lives, even when the going gets tough (gosh I didn't even mean to associate that line with a song). Kids are great - they always shy away from what they see as weird, but never check their own behaviour! I love your Winnie the Pooh choice of song - I know the feeling well! Now that you have admitted to having this condition in public, you may want to give it a try on your blog too. Have fun ; o )

  2. Hi Daisy. With kids back to school to exams on Monday, I'm feeling a little 'Under Pressure' myself. I can't wait 'til you can make use of 'Here Comes The Summer', but I'm guessing 'Here Comes the Rain Again' is likely to be more appropriate! :)

    1. See it is catching! Although the state of the great British Summer here could mean that we would run out of 'rain' themed songs within a week! I think we are all suffering from the 'Summertime Blues'. Hope you survive the exam pressure this week - we are having the same thing here! X

  3. Crazy Daisy! We miss you. When are we going to hear from you again?
    Mainey. :)