Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sunshine of MY Smile

O.M.G. it's official, the sun has been shining, not just a little peep of sunshine ohh nooo, a whole two days of sunshine and it is beautiful.  And it has been warm, yes warm enough to open the doors and windows and listen to the birds making their sweet cheerful chirps and whistles.  I imagined that they were telling each other how lovely it was, and not before time!

I sat outside for a whole hour, while the sun spread its warm golden glow over my body.  I snored snoozed ZZZZZzzzzzz my head empty of the all the things that needed doing, housework, dinner, ironing, bills .......... and then the phone rang, which brought me back to reality, but I enjoyed that snooze in the sun so much.  Let's just call it my lunch hour.  ; )

I wanted to decorate the house a little bit in prep for this years main events such as the Queen's Jubilee, the Olympics and DD's birthday (she is thinking of having a birthday party at home with some school friends with an olympic theme).  I have bought some bits and pieces such as cups, cake cases, napkins but I also wanted something a little bit homemade.  I found a free pattern for some knitted bunting by Amelia Dellow on the internet and  thought it would be perfect.

The pattern can be found on this website Here I found the Union Jack part of the bunting quite fiddley as it needs to be done as intarsia (I didn't think it would be practical to use a fairisle method) and at one point I had about 10 little butterflys hanging from the back.  Once done however, I was quite pleased with the result.  What I did like about the pattern was the shape of the flags and that they started off with 41 stitches and reduced down to a point. The flags could also be knitted in pastel colours to decorate a child's bedroom.  The Yarn I used for this project was left over from the stash that I used for the Boogie Knits blanket and I don't think you can get it anymore, but rowan have a union jack cushion project on their website knitrowan.  Also, there is a Union Jack placemat with suggested yarn, in this month's (issue 45) of The Knitter . Apart from the Union Jack, the pattern is fairly easy, perhaps suitable for a beginner.  I had more problems trying to sort out where to hang it and trying to get a decent photograph of it!  Hopefully you will be able to see.

Hope you are enjoying sunshine wherever you are!  Have fun 'till next time.


  1. Hi Daisy. Mainey showed me your blog. I think all your knitting and crocheting is amazing! Looking forward to your next post!
    Nonna x

  2. Thank you so much Nonna, i'm so glad you like it! I know that you are rather niffty with the knitting needles yourself. This might get you itching to do some knitting and stitching. Take care! X