Thursday, 26 April 2012

You Will Always Need Your Umbrella

Hello from a very wet Wirral 

Ok, so I cheated, but I had to!  This picture was taken a long time ago..... in the month of June.... a few years back, to be precise.  The rain here has been relentless.  It has been splishing, splashing, sloshing and mostly drenching!!!!  No washing on the line (good job its been so cold that we need to have the heating on too, as this aids indoor washing drying).  No favourite walks along coastal paths.  Even the blossom on the trees are drooping under the weight of water.  Now I am sure there will be many folks around the country who are absolutely glad of all this rain, especially those who are having to put up with a hosepipe ban at the moment.  But here in the North West, I am sorry to grumble, but we do seem to get more than our fair share of rain, not always, but very, very often.  I wish we could programme the rain clouds and send them to where they are most needed.

We do also get lovely days here too.  Nothing beats a lovely crisp, blue, clear sunny winter morning.  And when the sun does appear in the summer, it shimmers on the sea and creates wonderful sunsets.  Anyway, if the weather was better, I would have gone out and taken some lovely inspirational pictures for you, but at the moment i'm having to use these old ones.  I do hope they will bring some welcome colour and cheer for you.

Gosh I have been quite busy, but I haven't managed to finish any projects, they are all still ongoing.  The crazy 70's crochet blanket is nearly finished.  I will post some pictures when it is complete.  I am now in the process of dreaming (yes dreaming, because I go to bed with these projects in my head and it's definitely more calming than thinking about food shopping and paying the bills!!!) of designing my next blanket and how I will be able to obtain the money for the huge amount of yarn it will take!  The jumper for DD is in the knitting bag untouched for a few weeks (she has reminded me).  And now i'm thinking about bunting for the Royal Jubilee and Olympics hmmm....  wish I was an octopus. 

Anyway, I will leave you with one of our lovely sunsets ........ i'm dreaming of some warm sunshine, just like the sun I used to know .......

Have fun!



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