Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Hooky Kind of Love

That's better.........

I have something to show you today......  it's another WIP..... and it's all because of the lovely Lucy from the Attic24 blog.   I have been following her blog lately and like many others, have fallen under the hooky spell.  One minute i'm knitting a jumper and then, before I know what's happening, I have a crochet hook in my hand!

Well actually, it is a good thing (this is my excuse) because I have finally found a use for the TWO big bags of wool which have been stuffed in DD's wardrobe for ............ 19 years!!!! No I cannot believe that it has been there soooo long, but I know it has because it contains, amongst other yarns, odd amounts of yarn that were left over from garments that I knitted for DS and DD when they were babies.  It is a big fitted wardrobe which DD uses, but still contains some of my stuff (well quite a lot of my stuff actually), but as she is getting older she is gathering more clothes etc and running out room.  Hence the reason why it might be a good thing, this sudden crochet addiction of mine.

I have done some crochet in the past, but not much really, a few practice granny squares and a scarf to be precise.  When I was little, I used to sit with my nan and watch her crochet blankets.  I used to love helping her choose the colours for the different stripes and she used to flick her hook in and out so quickly, working around and around.  She used to make blankets for everybody in the family, but sadly I don't have any of them today.   I have got quite a few crochet books in my collection, with the intention of one day making a start on a project.   I do love delicate crocheted tops in white or black.  

When I saw Lucy's Attic24 blog, I just completely fell in love with her blankets and cushions and the lush, lush colours she uses.  I liked the look of the ripple blanket, I would definitely like to make one of these, but I think I need a bit more practice yet.  The sample piece I made didn't look like it had enough ripple, not as nice a Lucy's and so I will try some more samples of that before I start a full size project.  Then I liked the look of the granny stripe blanket,  but didn't fancy making the long chain  to start off with.  So I decided, what if I made a basic afghan square and just kept going around and around? (i'm sure this must have been done by so many people before).   I thought that it would be both easy and unfussy for my first project.  Because I am trying to use up what's in the stash, it's turning out to be a mix of outrageous, psychedelic, acrylic crazyness ...... but I love it, to me it looks retro and sort of from the 1970's.  Just like Lucy describes, when I'm not working on it, I drape it over the settee and lovingly gaze at it every time I walk into the room.  

I'm finding that at every spare moment, I want to pick it up and add another row.  The only downside to this construction is that the rows are getting longer and longer and because of this my colour choice is getting smaller because I need more of each colour to go around the four sides.  Mmmm may need a small purchase of a few extra balls (Shhh don't tell DH).

The granny blanket isn't even finished yet, but already it has a home - yes you might have guessed.......  DD is insisting it will look so good on her bed and how can I resist?  She has the same crazy colour taste as her mum.  I will let you know how it looks when it is finished.  Bye for now (just off to do some more rows, the washing up will have to do itself!!). X



  1. Crazy Daisy! Is there no end to your talents? I'm impressed you get any work done at all. I tried to crochet once, but I never managed to keep the pattern in a straight line, kept going round in circles. No good for a divan cover one might think - but perfect for a toilet roll dolly :)

  2. Toilet roll dollies indeed, I'm sure it won't be long before they are vintage vogue! Actually, circles can be rather useful too, Have another go at crochet, maybe have a look at YouTube or Lucy's blog at Attic24, crocheting is very therapeutic. Have fun Xx