Monday, 30 April 2012


Or Boogie Crochet to be precise, but first .......

How lovely is this?  This is a picture of the beautiful blue sky over our house at 8.00am this morning.  Not one single rain cloud.  When we woke up this morning the sun was streaming in through the cracks in the bedroom curtains, I can't remember the last time that happened!!!!  I had to go out in my dressing gown and take this picture for you.  Can you imagine - me in the middle of the garden in my nightwear taking pictures of the sky......... bet the neighbours know think that I have finally lost the plot!!!

Anyway, back to my other bit of important news ........ my ta da ......

I have enjoyed this project so much!!!  It has been satisfying on so many levels

1.  It has got rid of so many balls of acrylic yarn that was taking up room in a cupboard in our house (and I have a halo above my head because I didn't need to buy any extra yarn - a real stash bash indeed!!!!!).

2.  I had so much fun working with the colours and came up with some interesting combinations because I had to work with the yarn I had.  I am sure I would not have picked such a bad bold colour combination if I had gone out and purchased the yarn for this project, but I feel that I have learned so much about taking chances with colours now.  It was a great chance to experiment.

3.  It was so quick to make, it has only taken two weeks of pleasant evening hooking and I could watch tv at the same time!!!  Very relaxing.

4.  I have a great feeling of satisfaction every time I look at it - it just reminds me so much of the  things that were around when I was a child in the 70's, lovely bold stripes of bright colour, it makes me feel like pulling on some hotpants and platforms and going for ankle breaking wobble boogie on down (ha ha if DD heard me saying that, she would be replying in disgust "mum that's sooo weird, please don't say that again" sigh, she just doesn't know what fun it was in the 70's.
5.  It makes me very happy that DD loves her new bed cover and she loves the fact that it's so colourful.
I decided to do a simple shell edging on the blanket to finish it off.  I got the instructions for this from The Crochet Stitch Bible by Betty Barnden.  I think it's quite a basic one called Shell Edging.
Have fun until next time X



  1. Well done Daisy! A truly inspirational piece of de-cluttering if ever there was one. Any suggestions as to what to do with a container load of 70's LPs? - That's vinyl CDs for all you 'noughty' followers. :)

    1. Thanks for the praise mainey, i'm already thinking about the next project! That is the one positive thing about a recession, it makes you think about what you already have in the cupboards! ;o) With regards to the LP's, if you are confident that you could not sell them at a car boot (there are lot's of collectors out there believe it or not), you could try heating them up slightly in the oven and then moulding them over a bowl. Voila, a very badly sounding 70's fruit bowl. Ha Ha Have fun! X

  2. Oooh love this! I made one a while back and it was so much fun! Yours turned out great!