Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sunshine, Lollipops and Trainers?

I was travelling through blogland the other day when I came across a lovely blog called 'yrn around the hook'It was full of lots of lovely photographs and handmade crafts and I have become a follower.  The blog author had commented on how  blogs in general, may come across as being written by people with 'charmed and happy lives', because they only blog about the nice things when actually in reality this is not always the case, they just choose not to blog too much about any of the negative things that may be going on in their lives.  Judging by the response to this post, many felt the same way because they too only wanted to blog about the nicer things.   I am not sure if this came about because of a negative response by somebody to the blog, but I felt in agreement with the other comments that were posted.   We do have the freedom to read or not read whatever blogs we want to, and if something is not to our liking, we can choose not to read it.

When I started my blog, I decided that I would write about things which I like or find inspiring to do with my love of handmade crafts, and which I think others may also like to share, although I may sometimes put in the occasional life anecdote!  I have found many blogs out there that offer free patterns, advice and heaps of inspiration on knitting, crochet, sewing and interior design.  Lot's of bloggers doing lot's of hard work - and mostly offered for free.  I enjoy following them, and I hope that I too will inspire somebody out there with my own blog.

So I thought that for one post only, and just for a bit of fun, I would offer my own ALTERNATIVE visual inspiration for a blog post, although I have to say, I know plenty of people who are members of art groups that I attend, who would still find some positive inspiration in these pictures.  So with tongue firmly in my cheek, I present my alternative blog pictures.

Industrial Wasteland

A Giant Tortoise (not much movement going on there!)

Some Graffitti in France (hope it doesn't contain any rude words as I can't read it!)

Somebody's idea of a good paint job on the road

 Somebody's idea of a landscaped front garden

The great British weather on Easter Monday

Last years Lavender Plant

A piece of sandstone on concrete (DD's choice)

And finally, DH's favourite trainers - wish you had the added experience of stench over the internet!  Maybe even the whole shoe cupboard in our house.

I will try to bring you something a little nicer next time.

Until then, have fun! X


  1. Its true, many bloggers including me figure that people don't really want to hear about all the usual irratating stuff we all have to deal with in real life, like the car trouble i've been having for 3 weeks, the dog poo trod all over the house by my hubby, and the cough that wont go away... its everyday stuff that we just have to get on with , far nicer to share some uplifting stuff!
    Thanks for visiting mine, i like your alternative photos, and sadly i can only too well imagine the smell of those trainers - we have had it here too!!!!!
    Have a great day!
    Gill x

  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post Gill. I believe it's the happy and nice things in life that keep us all going, and if there are lots of people out there spreading the happiness 'bring it on' I say. X