Sunday, 15 July 2012

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Ha Ha Ha........ if only!

Sorry about that, its just that this song popped into my head yesterday and it got me thinking about long hot summers in my childhood, when we would spend endless hours out at the park and the only thing that interrupted our games was tea time (or dinner to some people).  Sometimes you would get so hot playing in the sun it would make you crazily thirsty and then you had to join the queue of what seemed like hundreds of other children, to wait your turn at the water fountain.  Every summer we had games and activities organized at our local park - it was bliss!

We also went camping every year on holiday, usually to Cornwall and again, we spent the whole time outside!  I can remember only the odd downpour or thunderstorm, usually at night time - nothing much to dampen holiday spirits.  Maybe we just didn't notice it as kids?  

I hope that the weather will make a change for the better during the coming summer holidays, so that we can all enjoy a bit of sunshine and warmth!
I have been trying to keep going with the granny squares and the stacks are growing bit by bit, slowly!  At first I could not make my mind up on how many of each to do.  Would there be a uniform pattern?  Or would I place them randomly?  I decided in the end, that I should have a set sequence, so I have settled for two rows of twelve different colour combo's and when I join them all together I will move each two rows down by one line at a time.  These two rows above are the colours that I have set, so I am now making another five of each square.  (Hope this is all making sense, if you are still reading)!
In an attempt to try and keep organized in all of this, I have been putting the completed stacks into Zip-Seal food and freezer bags.  I am so glad that I did this as I can clearly see what is in each bag and also whether or not I have sewn all the ends in (a job I am trying to do regularly as I don't fancy doing it all at the end).  Also once done, I can put them away until I need to join them together.
I have also been doing this with my patchwork hexagons.  I have a bag containing cut up papers and a bag containing cut up squares of fabric.  

I just wish I could work faster as both projects seem to be taking sooooooooooooooooooo long!  I will make sure that I do a few smaller projects after these to keep my mojo going.  :o)

Hopefully the sun will shine on us all during the school holidays. X


  1. I have many good memories of camping as a kid, and playing outside in the summer until dark and full of mosquito bites. Those were the days!
    Your granny blanket is looking good, you're very organized. I always start out that way, then loose it half way through and wish I had just made a cushion, because it is taking forever to finish.
    There is nothing better than colorful grannies surrounded by creamy white yarn. It's going to be pretty!
    p.s. I just started some hexagons. I see a cushion in my future.

  2. Hi Lynne, I did chuckle to myself when I read your comment - those bags may look organised, but I dread to think what happens when I try to put them all together! Also, I seem to have an amazing amount of other kinds of bags all around our house and I haven't got a clue what is in most of them lol. ........ one day maybe I will get around to sorting them out! X