Monday, 9 July 2012

With a Little Help From My (Blog) Friends

Well I have been blogging for 6 months now and I have enjoyed it so much!  All I can say is 'Why on earth didn't I start it before?'  I had been thinking about it for at least a year or more beforehand, but I was worried that I would not have enough to say!  I had used my computer many times in the past for reasearch and to look up websites etc but I had not looked at many blogs ..... until the end of last year..... and to put it mildly - I am completely 'bowled over' by the amount of fantastic talent out there in blog land.  I didn't know there were so many craft blogs! So many people that might otherwise be crafting at home and all their lovely work being hidden away unseen.

The funny thing is though, I have spent so much time admiring all these lovely blogs ..... I have not done so much crafting myself  :o) lol.  I get lost in a world of crafting every time I switch on the computer!!

So therefore, I have to say a very big THANK YOU to all the bloggy people out there, especially on the blogs that I follow, for brightening my days.  I feel like I am part of one big crafting group and although I don't know you all personally, it makes me very happy to read about your lives, to share projects and to learn new skills and techniques.  All this inspiration is giving me so much motivation to get cracking on with my own projects.  Thank you so much. X

Hopefully I will have some work of my own to show you next time, but until then, I thought I would leave you with a picture of some mushrooms because I think I may soon have some growing out of my ears if it doesn't stop raining here!  lol have fun until next time x

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