Sunday, 9 September 2012


Golly, I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted on my blog and I have missed it so much!  Not only have I neglected my own blog, I haven't been visiting all my favourite blogs.   I have so much catching up to do!

We didn't go on holiday this summer, so I can't blame it on the usual weeks of holiday preparation and  the two weeks of lovely relaxation that follows.  It has, nevertheless, been a very busy summer indeed don't you think?  Looking back, we seem to have had one event after the other such as the Queen's Jubilee, the Olympic torch relay, the Olympics and the Paralympics.  And I think to myself "there is nothing like having non-stop Olympic games coverage, to ensure that you become a 'couch potato' yourself."  But I think that the majority of the nation of Great Britain feel very proud of what has been achieved and of the fantastic courage, ability and determination displayed by all, especially our paralympians.  It has been brilliant to watch.  I would like to say a personal "thank you" to them all for keeping me entertained this summer.

I didn't have to think very hard for the song related title of this post.  It was so lovely to see Ray Davies singing this in the closing ceremony.  When I heard his dulcet voice I was immediately transported back to the days when I was a child, it was lovely.  And you could hear the "sha la las" ringing out all around the stadium.  I know that many felt the closing ceremony was very strange, but I totally enjoyed it with a glass or two of wine.  I like to think of it as 'unique' like most art, fashion and design usually is in this country.

We did manage to get out for the day in Wales for a walk, which was lovely.  Thankfully, the end of the summer has produced some dry and sometimes hot weather (at last), so it hasn't been a total wash out.

I have managed to clear most of stash mountain (and the unorganised chaos) and have sorted and organized some of the stuff, which is great because it means I can now find things!  And DH is delighted as he doesn't have to break his neck every time he tries to get to the computer printer!  There is now a 1ft x 1ft piece of clear floor space to stand in.

Also, remember this .........

it has become this ...........

and I am very pleased with it indeed.  There has been a positive outcome to being a couch potato all summer.  I have finally finished the crochet granny throw yay!  I do love the way it turned out, but oh boy..... did I find the sewing in of all those ends so tedious.  All I can say is that I am very glad that I decided to make a throw and not a king size blanket. 

And it looks very at home on the couch (just like me ha, ha).

Have fun until next time!

Daisy x 

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  1. Hi Daisy! We didn't go anywhere this summer either.
    You have a beautiful crochet blanket to show for it though! Very pretty!